Opus 1

Opus 1 is a new solo album of Azamat, also known to fans of electronic dance music as Agraba.
The album is a daring combination of traditional classical forms and timbral capacities of electronic music. Each piece of music is permeated with the sound of analogue instruments together with vanguard blend of glossolalia, choir and opera singing.
The album making, commenced in 2016, is the result of the artist’s aspiration for a new approach in performing live electronics.

Azamat Murzaev – composer, producer; keyboards.
Ri Vinogradova – vocals.
Vera Maslova and Natalia Tchuviurova – backing vocals.
Genghis Khannanov – piano, keyboards.
Mikhail Nesterov – mixing. Andres Mayo (a Grammy-winning audio engineer) – mastering.
Yada Polish – artwork.

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Concert photos