Opus 1

Opus 1 is the second solo album of AZAMAT, also known to fans of electronic dance music as Agraba. The album is a daring combination of traditional classical forms and timbral capacities of electronic music. Each piece of music is permeated with the sound of analogue instruments together with a vanguard blend of glossolalia, choir and opera singing. The album making, commenced in 2016, is the result of the artist’s aspiration for a new approach in performing live electronics. Personnel Azamat Murzaev – composer, producer; keyboards. Ri Vinogradova – vocals. Vera Maslova and Natalia Tchuviurova – backing vocals. Genghis Khannanov – piano, keyboards. Mikhail Nesterov – mixing. Andres Mayo (a Grammy-winning audio engineer) – mastering. Yada Polish – artwork. Listen right now on Apple MusicSpotifyGoogle Play Music and other music services.

Concert photos