The Drama in Musical Notes

Azamat is a composer, producer, and musician from Russia.

His sound can be described as modern electronics. Together with the personal approach to musical composition, vanguard rendering and improvisation, he combines many sonic sources in his creative work – from electronic and acoustic instruments to live voices.

The creation process of the musician includes a thorough analysis of existing musical forms, from academic to modern, resulting in original sound. The live performance may consist of different musicians – a string orchestra, opera and choir soloists, thus stretching the borders of electronic music and taking a listener into the psychedelic and absorbing music flow.

From a distance of the nearest past, electronic music-lovers do know Azamat under the alias Agraba. His activity in this area has reached a considerable amount of success. Consequently, in the process of searching for novel musical forms, the project Azamat appeared.

According to the Alfa Future Awards, he became the musician of the year 2015 on Russian electronic scene.

2018 began with the presentation of his original author’s work Opus 1, which Azamat was making since 2016.